Access to Information

One of the major focus of SaMi remains in providing early and up-to-date information to potential migrant workers. To achieve this, Information and Counselling Centre (ICC) is located at the district headquarters, in proximity to the District Administration Offices where people visit for passport application. Through the ICCs, potential migrant workers are provided information about safe migration processes, and are referred to other SaMi partners at the national level for accessing free skill training, mental health services, legal and rapid response services etc.

For early information and informed decision, social mobilizers (SM) and returnee volunteers (RV) visit communities and households respectively. Community Outreach Programs such as street drama, gandharva, mass awareness programs during popular local festivals are also carried out. Weekly radio program and Public Service Announcement (PSA) are broadcasted at the national and local level. 

Social studies teachers and VDC Secretaries also receive orientation sessions on migration which enables them to further disseminate information about safer migration to school students and the community. School programs are conducted at the VDC level schools where practical examples are shared with the students to help them learn and distinguish between safe and unsafe processes of migration. The school programs add value to the existing social studies curriculum which includes chapters on labour migration. SaMi’s methods involve a fun and interactive method to draw students’ attention to the grave issue of unsafe migration. This is an ideal time to tap students who are contemplating going abroad for employment. 

Social workers provide Financial Literacy trainings for families left behind. These trainings have helped families plan their monthly household budget, invest in business, education for their children, and healthcare. 

Since 50 percent of all potential migrants make their passports in Kathmandu, a huge number of people are waiting in the capital for their papers. To cater to this large number, information is also disseminated through a booth located at the Department of Passport in Kathmandu and Tribhuvan International Airport.