What We Do?

With few employment opportunities inside the country, work abroad seems an attractive option to many young Nepalese. The Safer Migration project, SaMi, provides potential migrant workers with relevant information, training and services to help them make informed choices, and avoid exploitation. SaMi also supports the migrants’ families to cope with emotional stress and make the best use of funds sent home.


Access to Information

One of the major focus of SaMi remains in providing early and up-to-date information to potential migrant workers. To achieve this, Information and Counselling Centre (ICC) is located at the

Access to Skills

Realising the importance of skill training not just for short term goals to help migrant workers find well-paid jobs in their chosen destination countries, but also to meet long term goals of skilled

Access to Justice

In view of the huge and growing number of Nepalis seeking foreign employment and the enormous problems that people face due to fraudulent recruiters in Nepal and unscrupulous employers in the